Design tip for bedroom:

  • Sleep with your head to the south or east. Positive magnetic energy comes from the north. The blood in your body contains iron,making your body magnetic with the positive polarity in your head.
  • Soothing pastel colors and objects and pictures associated with pleasant memories should find a place in the bedroom.

Design tip for living room :

  • Furniture should mainly be in the west and south section of the room.
  • The walls should be painted white, yellow, green, or blue.

Design tip for dining room:

  • Square, round or rectangle shape dining table is just perfect for the room.
  • The most suitable wall colors for the room are the shades of pink and orange.

Design tip for study room :

  • The North-East corner is best for a study room. If the study room and place of worship room are adjacent then it is considered most beneficial.
  • The wall of the study room in light orange in color is very auspicious and enhance the wishing power as well as supports the speedy progress of mind.


Take Care of your Furniture

Design tip for study room :

Our furniture is resistant to minor everyday hazards; however, some precautions are necessary to maintain the beauty of your furniture:


Please clean regularly. Even a small film of dust can actually create small scratches in your finish, eventually exposing the wood, making it vulnerable to further damage.

  • Dust with a soft, clean cloth slightly moistened with water to help trap the dust instead of sending it airborne just to land right back on your furniture and dry completely with another clean cloth, always rubbing with the grain.
  • Use pads beath accessories and when writing or eating.
  • Remove spills and smudges immediately.


  • Do not use harsh detergents or brass polish.
  • Avoid contact with cigarettes, hot dishes, harsh solvents such as nail polish, alcohol and moisture.
  • Do not leave applicable plastic materials on a wood surface; they can damage the finish.
  • Do not place furniture near heat outlets, windows, or in direct sunlight. If you have a piece made from high quality plies of wood like a nicely veneered piece of furniture you will not need to worry about this as much. If you have furniture made from a solid piece of wood, you should be especially careful about placement.

Remember that good things last longer when you take care of them, and if you follow these few guidelines your furniture will last for many years.